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Fitzhugh Heating and Air Conditioning are the go-to when you need heating and air conditioning services. We’re committed to partnering with you to deliver the most energy-efficient, comfortable indoor environment possible. Our team provides top-of-the-line AC services in Nokesville, VA to help you accomplish that goal. Call or visit today!

Nokesville, VA

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We provide a wide range of air conditioning services, including:

By scheduling Nokesville, VA AC repair service, our friendly, knowledgeable team can quickly diagnose the source of your AC unit’s problems and make the proper repairs. Once you approve the repair, we can quickly swap out your malfunctioning parts with high-quality replacement items, ensuring your system runs smoothly again.

Generally, air conditioning maintenance companies help in keeping your system running smoothly. During an air conditioning tune-up, we can inspect your system, ensuring there are no potential problems you’ll be stuck with in the future. Our technicians can also show you some easy ways to keep your system running smoothly, such as maintenance and cleaning.

If your air conditioning system is failing, we can also provide you with the best air conditioner replacement in Nokesville, VA. During this process, our technicians can use their skills and expertise to determine the ideal replacement option for your needs. We’ll help you find a system that matches your budget, space, and equipment requirements.

When you choose us as your air conditioning installation contractor, we offer services that help you find the most ideal system for your needs. Our technicians can inspect your home or office to determine the best place for your new AC to go. We’ll take measurements and other factors into consideration, such as power requirements and window accessibility.

Ductless Mini Split systems are extremely popular among Nokesville, VA homeowners and businesses. The best thing about these ductless systems is that they provide efficient cooling without requiring ductwork. This allows you to install the system in rooms that would otherwise be difficult or expensive to cool.

Heat pump services near me are designed to provide year-round heating and cooling for your home. This eliminates the need to rely on supplementary heating systems during colder months. We offer a wide range of heat pump services, from installation to maintenance and repair.

A dual fuel system in Nokesville, VA allows you to use your furnace during the cold season and your air conditioner during the summer. This provides you with the best of both worlds, allowing you to stay comfortable all year long. Our technicians can provide the air conditioning service you need with a dual fuel system installed in your home.


At Fitzhugh Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer a wide range of heating services in Nokesville, VA, including:

Our heating furnace repair in Nokesville, VA is designed to deal with any major issues that could damage your heating system. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your system, locating any potential problems with your furnace. Once we find the source of the issue, our technicians will be able to provide any necessary repairs.

Our technicians are there to help you when you want to partner with one of the best heating installation companies. We’ll walk you through each step of the process, ensuring that your system is installed as precisely as possible. This will help to prevent future problems with your heating unit.

If your furnace has been running rough of late, it may be time for a replacement. Our heating replacement service is designed to help you find high-quality heating systems that suit your needs. If you want to upgrade your current unit, we can help you find the perfect system.

At Fitzhugh Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer complete heating system maintenance in Nokesville, VA. This includes cleanings, inspections, and other necessary services. Our goal is to ensure that your heating unit will continue to function throughout the winter season.

If you’re looking to schedule furnace services near me, contact Fitzhugh Heating and Air Conditioning to set up an appointment. We offer several furnace services including:

  • Routine tune-up 
  • Comprehensive furnace repairs 
  • Furnace replacement
  • And more!  

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As an indoor air quality expert, we are committed to offering only the best indoor air quality systems. Our service technicians are highly skilled and extensively trained so that they can provide you with an optimal level of indoor air quality.

Dryer vent cleaning can help improve the efficiency of your dryer, which leads to lower utility costs. Cleaning your dryer vents regularly can also help reduce the risk of fire. For more information on dryer vent cleaning costs, contact us today at 540-273-4566.

When it’s time for air duct cleaning services near me, Fitzhugh Heating and Air Conditioning is the best choice. Our professional air duct cleaners have the training and skills necessary to get your HVAC system back in working order. We offer a variety of air duct cleaning services, so feel free to call us at any time.

Fitzhugh Heating and Air Conditioning is an experienced heating and air conditioning service provider in Nokesville, VA. We offer a wide range of furnace services as well as indoor air quality systems and dryer vent cleaning. Call us at 540-273-4566 to schedule an appointment.