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If you’re looking for an honest company that provides top-notch workmanship, look no further than Fitzhugh Heating and Air Conditioning! We have been providing the best heating and AC services in Stafford, VA for several years.

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Stafford, VA

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Our AC services include the following:

Is your AC not cooling? Or is it just not blowing cold air? Call us for the best Stafford, VA AC repair service. We’ll come to you, quickly diagnose the problem and give you options on how to resolve it.

Does your AC seem to struggle to keep up? It means you need to get help from one of the leading air conditioning maintenance companies. Call us at 540-273-4566. We are Stafford, VA’s number one choice for all things heating and cooling.

We understand your need to keep your house cool, which is why we offer the best air conditioner replacement in Stafford, VA. When you’re ready to upgrade your air conditioning unit, we’ll make sure you get top-quality AC right on time.

Is your old AC not working anymore? Get in touch with one of the best air conditioning installation contractors like Fitzhugh Heating and Air Conditioning! Our technicians will make sure your AC is appropriately installed and will keep you cool all summer long.

We specialize in cutting-edge ductless mini-split system installation in Stafford, VA. For a fraction of the cost of a central AC unit, you’ll enjoy the comfort of the most modern air conditioning unit on the market.

If your heat pump is not acting fast enough or you want to install a new ductless mini-split system, search for heat pump services near me. You can also approach us as we offer expert heat pump installation and replacement service in Stafford, VA.

Do you want the comfort of central AC in your home, but energy savings that come with a heat pump? Fitzhugh Heating and Air Conditioning can provide you with the best dual fuel system in Stafford, VA!


We offer the following heating services in Stafford, VA:

If your furnace isn’t working, you need heating furnace repair instantly. Without heat in the middle of a cold winter night, you’ll be tempted to grab the next best offer. But high-quality services are only a phone call away. Call us at 540-273-4566 to schedule an appointment.

There’s nothing better than the comfort of a brand-new heating system! So if you’re moving to a new house or looking for heating installation, contact one of the trusted heating installation companies like Fitzhugh Heating and Air Conditioning today. Our experts will take care of everything you need to keep your home cozy!

This is one of the important services that require expert attention. We offer the best heating replacement and we assure you that we’ll be at your doorstep within the shortest time and give you a new heating system.

If your heating system has been giving you problems, give us a call at 540-273-4566. Our heating system maintenance in Stafford, VA covers all makes and models. We specialize in heat pumps, furnaces, and heat/cooling system maintenance for homes of all sizes.

When you call the best of furnace services near me in Stafford, VA for heating repair or furnace installation, Fitzhugh Heating and Air Conditioning will get the job done.

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Our indoor air quality experts in Stafford, VA know what you need to feel comfortable at home. So, we provide comprehensive services such as:

Most people ignore this service thinking dryer vent cleaning cost is very high. However, the truth is – if you don’t clean your dryer vent regularly, there’s a high chance of fire in your home. Call us and we’ll provide you with the best solutions for this issue.

An air duct that is not cleaned regularly accumulates dirt, debris, and other contaminants that reduce the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. So, if you’re looking for the best air duct cleaning service near me in Stafford, VA, call our experts today.

Fitzhugh Heating and Air Conditioning is the leading choice when you’re looking for heating & air conditioning services in Stafford, VA. If you want to know more about our services, please call us at 540-273-4566.